Sushi Menu


Baked Green Mussels				$6.25
Baked mussels with mayonnaise based special sauce topped with avocado & masago

Edamame						$4.50
Steamed green soybean lightly sprinkled with salt

Gyoza (Potstickers)				$5.75
Tasty little dumplings lightly pan fried served with Chef's special Gyoza sauce

Soft Shell Crab					$8.95
Deef fried soft shell crab served with Ponzu sauce

Soup and Salad

Miso Soup					$3.00
Japanese broth made from Dashi & Miso

Seaweed Salad					$5.00
Angel hair threads of seaweed served with a light sesame dressing

Squid Salad					$5.00
Fully cooked sliced squid tied together the various flavors, spices & crisp

Baby Octopus Salad				$5.95
Baby octopus served on a bed of crisp lettuce & cucumbers

Spicy Salmon Salad				$5.95
Fresh sliced salmon with crisp cucumbers served with a spicy sauce

Spicy Tuna Salad 				$5.95
Fresh sliced tuna with crisp cucumbers served with a spicy sauce

Cucumber Salad					$5.00
Fresh sliced cucumbers with fresh avocado & crabmeat topped with shrimp sauce

Seafood Salad					$7.95
Fresh tuna, shrimp, salmon and snapper served on a bed of crisp lettuce & 
cucumbers with Ponzu sauce

Cooked Sushi Rolls

Tempura Shrimp Roll				$5.50
Deep fried shrimp, cucumber, tempura flakes & topped with spicy mayonnaise sauce

Dragon Den Roll					$6.00
Spicy crabmeat, tempura shrimp, cucumber, green onion & topped with shrimp sauce

Salmon Skin Roll				$5.50
Crunch baked salmon skin & cucumber topped with eel sauce

California Roll					$5.00
Fresh cucumber, avocado & crabmeat with mayonnaise & covered with smelt egg

Eel Roll					$5.50
Marinated barbeque fresh water eel with tempura flakes, cucumber & topped with
eel sauce

Philly Roll					$5.50
Smoked salmon, avocado & cream cheese

Boston Roll					$5.00
Crabmeat, lettuce, avocado & mayonnaise

Double Crunchy Roll				$7.95
Shrimp tempura & crunchy shrimp

Jalapeno Roll					$7.95
Crabmeat, shrimp, cucumber & avocado with hot sauce & garnished with fresh

Raw Fish Sushi Rolls

Yellowtail Roll					$5.50
Yellowtail sashimi with green onions

Spicy Tuna Roll					$5.50
Spicy tuna, cucumber & tempura flakes

Spicy Salmon Roll				$5.50
Spicy salmon, cucumber & tempura flakes

Rainbow Roll					$9.00
Tuna, Hamachi, yellowtail, shrimp & salmon with California roll on the inside

Moon Roll					$7.00
Tuna, sliced tilapia, cream cheese, avocado, smelt egg & spicy mayonnaise sauce

Inside Out Tuna Roll				$7.00
Spicy tuna with avocado & doubled with chopped tuna on top

Assorted Nigiri (4)				$5.00

Chef’s Special Rolls

Summer Roll					$7.95
Salmon, asparagus, crabmeat & cream cheese covered with spicy mayonnaise, bbq 
eel sauce then deep fried

UT Roll						$7.95
Crabmeat, cucumber & bbq eel covered with baked salmon with eel sauce & Japanese

Volcano Roll					$9.95
Crabmeat, cucumber, avocado & smelt egg covered with spicy tuna on top

Spider Roll					$8.95
Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber & smelt egg

Yum Yum Roll					$8.95
Bbq eel, crabmeat & avocado covered with sliced salmon tempura

Tiger Roll					$11.95
Crabmeat, tempura shrimp, cucumber & cream cheese covered with spicy tuna &
crunchy mix with spicy mayonnaise

Chef Rudy Roll					$13.95
Avocado, cucumber, smelt egg, softshell crab & crabmeat topped with baked 
crabmeat, eel sauce, spicy mayonnaise, tempura crunch & green onions

Crazy Roll					$9.95
Tempura shrimp, crabmeat & cream cheese covered with tempura crunch & smelt egg

Spicy Crunchy Roll				$9.95
Spicy tuna & cucumber covered with smoked salmon, eel sauce & black Tobiko 

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